Did Not Attend Policy

We have a small number of patients who fail to turn up. If you miss 6 appointments in a year, we will place you on a special register.

The principle is that unless you confirm, your appointment will be given to another patient.

Please see below steps that we will take should this happen:

  • Patients must confirm online, in person or by telephone by 18:00 the day before their appointment (Friday for a Monday appointment) otherwise it will be cancelled and given to someone else.
  • If patients come to an appointment that has been cancelled, they will not be seen. If they have emergency symptoms i.e shortness of breath, they will be triaged by the duty team but otherwise, they will be asked to request another appointment.
  • Patients will have the same reminder text as everyone else, so please ensure mobile numbers are up to datePlease do not rely on this. This reminder service can be affected by coverage and/or other issues.
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to attend their appointments.

If patients feel that their attendance has improved, then they are welcome to write to us and we will consider the matter. We do not wish to keep patients on this register for any longer than necessary.